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Times are changing. People change, places change, and things change…change is frightening, but change is good. Many years ago daycare was just daycare. Working moms and working dads needed someone to “watch” their child or children, while they went off to work. Many years ago the babysitter, sat with the children and watched over those children, making sure their basic needs were taken care of. Times changed. The babysitter emerged into the caregiver. The caregiver not only met the basic needs of those children, but also began incorporating learning into their day. Times changed. The caregiver emerged into the educator. Today is a new day. Today we recognize the needs of each individual child; we recognize their uniqueness, their purpose, their understanding, their worth and value. Today we recognize the need for change and value the steps in making change occur. Today we recognize, the need and importance of continuous quality improvement. Today we recognize the importance of establishing strong healthy relationships with the children, their families, the community, and our co-workers. Today we recognize play; through play we learn, we imagine, we communicate, and we grow. Today we recognize school readiness and value no child left behind. Today we recognize the richness of our environment, rich of tender loving care, rich of learning, rich of safety, and rich of stimulation. Today we recognize communication between all parties and value discussions of concern, progress, growth, and happiness. Today we recognize educators and support their knowledge and education. But most importantly, today and every day we recognize and celebrate your child and value our dedication to make the journey from a tiny caterpillar into a bright big butterfly, a journey filled with love, happiness, learning, and support. Today and every day we recognize and celebrate you, the parent, for allowing us to be a part in your child’s most important first years of life.

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